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Talking Is Not Communicating!

Every executive and team has experienced the frustration and cost of failed communication.

Even the most talented team members who are sincerely doing their best fall prey to the natural inclination to be persuasive and “win” rather than understand, or be defensive if they perceive they or their ideas are being attacked (whether they really are or not). Lack of emotional safety, over-reliance on email, personality conflicts, false perceptions, past negative patterns, and hidden goals further erode employee engagement and productivity.

Imagine instead a workplace where high levels of trust and safety allow ideas to be expressed without fear and evaluated objectively without defensiveness or private agendas. Where knowledge is transferred freely and listening to understand rather than arguing to win is the norm.

This is the Communication Culture™, one where people seek to understand and adapt to each other – and its creation is more possible than you think.

Effective Team Communication Expert

Paul Endress

Recognized as a true expert in the science and strategy of effective workplace communication, Paul Endress is a best selling author who has been quoted in The Wall Street Journal, New York Times, USA Today, and dozens of other leading business publications.

Endress is the architect of Communication Styles 2.0™ and The Communication Culture™ which organizations use to gain a competitive advantage in their businesses.

What People Are Saying

Thanks again for the tools you provided at our shareholders meeting.  I’m noticing that we are regularly trying to employ better listening techniques…and everyone is still trying to figure out how to make the “neutral” positions for listening a more natural part of our conversations.

It’s challenging to adapt, but it’s an effective strategy.  I’m happy to see everyone making a conscientious effort to actively listen (including me).

Brenda Bevington

Wilson & Company

The Communication Styles workshop was rated the highest component of our training program.

Our attendees felt the awareness and insight to their own communication styles and how they interact with others was extremely valuable for their continued success… their only complaint was that they needed more time with Paul  to explore using their results in everyday interactions.

Jennifer Beery

Sr. Director of Recruiting, Suddenlink

Many courses deliver content. This was the first short course I’ve ever taken where the material was delivered so well and so convincingly.

The effort you have put into preparing and delivering this material is more than I can comprehend right now. The timing, staging, cadence.

Paul, your consideration of the audience demonstrates how effective these tools can be, and in the process of this demonstration introduced some of the most powerful skills I have ever learned about. This course and your delivery is nothing short of masterful.

M. Johnston


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