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Over the past ten years, Paul has developed and refined these four primary programs. Each one can be length adjusted and customized to meet the specific needs of your organization. Most of them can be presented in seminar, workshop, or keynote format. Completely custom programs can also be developed to meet your needs.

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Communication Styles: An Easy Way To Craft And Deliver Messages That Everyone Will Understand

Create clear, persuasive communications by using your natural communication tendencies to your advantage and quickly adapting to others as necessary


Effective communication is the foundational skill that makes you a better leader, manager, or team member. In this interactive session you will learn an easy-to-use communication model you can use to understand your natural tendencies and adapt your natural style as needed so you can deliver easily understood and appropriate messages to a variety of individuals and audiences. If you have someone you have trouble communicating with, you will learn why and what to do about it.


  • Facilitate the communication necessary to implement initiatives by using your natural strengths and compensating for your weaknesses
  • Solve communication problems by understanding the natural conflict between different communication styles and compensating for it
  • Build more productive teams by uncovering group communication patterns and balancing the natural styles of the team
  • Adapt your natural communication style to that of the listener so your message is easily understood
  • Benchmark yourself and your team to find your true level of effectiveness and solve problems as necessary

I Think I Know What I Think You Said

In this highly interactive program everyone in the room discovers their natural representational system (how they absorb and retain information), how memories are formed, and how to use this insight to communicate with people individually and in groups in powerful ways that will make sure that messages are understood and remembered.

During this session, participants will learn how to instantly adapt the words they are using to speak in the personal mental and emotional language that is easiest and most natural for each person they meet.

The program ends with an interactive exercise that leaves people saying, “Now I get it!”

This program is perfect for both keynotes and workshops.

Leading By Influence

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The pace and challenge of working in today’s multi-cultural, global, distributed work environment is increasing every year. Cross team, vendor, and consultant management challenges are common. In many situations you are called upon to manage  and obtain results from people and situations where you don’t have (or can’t use) traditional managerial authority over the people involved.

During this session Paul will use a combination of lecture, video, surveys, and interactive exercises (not role playing!) to help participants discover exactly why everyone does what they do and how to individually motivate each person to get voluntary, enthusiastic cooperation. Attendees will learn how to build customized motivational sequences that will drive any person or group to deliver extraordinary results.

This session will provide you with a skill set that allows you to effectively manage using only influence, without having to resort to authority.

Key learnings from this session:

  • The critical difference between management and manipulation and why you should never use manipulation.
  • How to create win/win outcomes that enhance your status as a leader and make people want to follow you.
  • The twin motivators that can be used to create energy and excitement in any situation and how and when to use each.
  • The exact seven words that you can use to uncover the motivational triggers that will inspire anyone (including you!)

This program is in workshop format but is suitable for any size audiance.

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